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      There are two billion people on this planet who do not have proper housing. With our partner companies we can provide this type of adequate house with water, sanitation, and power solutions. UnifiCloud have selling and marketing rights on the global basis by partners company. 

      There are many tragic circumstances affecting humanity and we are determined to try where ever with can assist those to make their lived more bearable on a daily basis. 

      ​The Innovative Frameless Dome house System that can be used on a Global Basis. It is Manufactured with Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and Polyurethane (PU) Insulated Sandwich Domes Structures. 

      The Dome house can be erected in a matter of hours and ready for families to occupy in the same day. This type of habitat would be most welcomed from people who are living in tented accommodation. I am positive that they will make daily lives more bearable, especially if they have access to water, sanitation, and power systems, in a safe environment that can be provided by UnifiCloud. 

      Typical Applications: Carports, Hotels, House , Kiosks, Offices, Guard House, Shops Villas, Warehouses, Disaster shelters, Permanent housing ,Labour accommodation, Tourist retreats, Military facilities, such as remote field camps, Sanitation and Sewage treatment covers, Storage facilities, Remote clinics, School class rooms, Recreation rooms, Laboratories, Refugee camps, instead of the use of tented accommodation.  

      Main Product features and specifications:

      These Dome house are made from Eco-friendly sandwich segments that are insulated by polyurethane foam between two surfaces of FRP sheets, combined with vacuum technology tested under high pressure giving the structures strength through its aerodynamic geometric shapes and this without any steel structures with no effect in maintaining the inside temperature, and this is corrosion free, unlike conventional buildings.

      The inside and outside surface area is very smooth and easy to clean with the interconnecting segments locked together with a layer of high quality Gel-coat giving good chemical stability against atmospheric pressure, UV rays, Water, Humidity, ordinary acids, alkaline and salts resulting in virtually no surface maintenance on both the sides of the structures and the life span is in excess of than 50 years.

      The structures have a high capacity to retain original surface colour giving Dome a permanent bright and fresh look that is very important to the inhabitants. These characteristics give the dome structure many in built advantages over conventional buildings with such phenomenal strength to withstand all climatic conditions. The systems can be erected for a family of 4 to 6 persons in a day.

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